How long will it take?

Most repairs are carried out same day but somethings can take a little longer. Below  is a guide to waiting times…….

Battery Replacement – 2 minutes

Battery Replacement with Reseal – under 15 Minutes, maybe longer during busy periods.

Battery Replacement with Reseal & Case/Bracelet Clean – 2 hours

Bracelet Adjustment – 5 to 10 minutes

Glass Replacement – Same day in most cases

Quartz Service – 3 to 5 days

Quartz Movement replacement – up to a week

Mechanical Service – 2 to 3 weeks.

How much does a watch battery cost?

The cost of battery replacement depends on the watch. Prices start from just £5.99 for basic entry level watches up to £45 for Luxury high end watches. We also give a 2 year guarantee on the battery – yes you read that right, a whole 24 months guarantee!

Can you repair Eco Drive Watches?

We can carry out a capacitor change on an eco drive, but a lot of the time that isn’t the issue, sometimes the movement needs be serviced and therefore has to be sent to the manufacturer for inspection. We can arrange all of this for you.

My watch is waterproof, can you change the battery?

Yes we can. We will change the battery just like any other watch but we will also clean the case and put in a new seal and then carry out a pressure test. A pressure test is to check your watch has remained waterproof. Occasionally we find some watches are no longer waterproof as they leak from the crown or from around the glass, if this happens we can discuss what options you have to make it waterproof again.

My watch glass is chipped/cracked can you replace it.

Yes we can, prices start from £12

What brands can you repair?

We can repair almost all watch brands, of any age too, however sometimes age can be a problem. The parts for older watches can be obsolete and harder to find, but we will still have a go, we don’t charge if we don’t fix it.

Sometimes people are mislead into thinking they must take their watch to the place of purchase for repair, this is not true at all, having your watch repaired by a business like ours is most of the time cheaper and quicker, and we don’t take any short cuts, same quality parts at a fraction of the price and you can expect a much more personal service, where you decide what work you want doing.

Do you charge for estimates?

We don’t charge for estimates no.

My crown has snapped off, can you fix it?


What is involved in a mechanical watch full service?

For a full service your watch will be completely stripped down, each part inspected for wear/damage. Then every part will be cleaned in a special watch cleaning machine to make sure all old oil and any debris is removed. The next step is to put the whole thing back together again, piece by piece and all the moving parts need to be oiled and greased with special watch grade oils. Once put back together the watch will then be regulated and tested to make sure the timekeeping is accurate.

Whats involved in a quartz watch service?

For a quartz watch the service procedure is much the same as mechanical watches. The movement is stripped and cleaned, then re-assembled and oiled with watch grade oils. The case is cleaned in an ultra sonic cleaner and battery renewed. You can also opt to have the case polished. We will also reseal and pressure test your watch if its waterproof.

Do you send my watch away?

No* we carry out the work on our own operating tables, either in store or from our workshop. *there are some models we can’t do, such as citizen eco drive – we send these to citizen as they need specialist equipment.

Can i send my watch to you?

Yes you can, just make sure you package it well, we don’t want anymore injuries occurring en route! and send it first class signed for or Special Delivery for your piece of mind. We don’t think special delivery is required, we’ve never had an issue using first class signed for, but this is entirely up to you. Send to The Watch & Clock Hospital 65 Carr Lane Hull HU1 3RQ Remember to put your contact details in with the watch!

What clocks can you repair?

We can repair all types of clocks, of all ages. We do mechanical clocks and Quartz battery operated clocks. We sorry but we do not repair mains operated clocks.

How long does a mechanical clock service take?

Typically around 6 weeks, sometimes a little longer if we’re really busy.

My mechanical clock has stopped, whats wrong with it?

This is a hard one to answer without seeing it. It could be any one of a number of things. Have you recently moved the clock? if so it could be out of beat. When was it last serviced – has it ever had a service? it may be time for one, its recommended to have a clock serviced around every 5 years to keep it in pristine condition and to minimise wear on the moving parts. The best thing to do is bring it into us so we can check it.

Do you service old clocks?

Yes this is one of our specialities! we carry out services and overhauls on most makes and styles of mechanical clock.

Do you charge for estimates?


Can you collect my clock and deliver it again?


My quartz clock won't work with a new battery....

usually if it won’t work with a new battery it means the movement has a fault, the quickest and most inexpensive solution is to change the movement.

I can't afford to have my clock repaired/serviced. Can you help?

Yes we can, you can spread the cost, once fully paid you can have your clock back working 🙂

Do you sell clock parts?

We have a limited amount of spare parts in store, if we don’t have it we can usually order it for you, so yes we do.

Can you repair any jewellery?

Just about! as long as the jewellery is precious metal (Gold, Silver etc) then we can usually carry out a repair.

Do you resize rings?

yes we do

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