Below is an excerpt taken from the web page, what do you think of the idea of an open source watch movement??

Main website is

Ideas and goals

What is OM?

openmovement is a group which has been formed to construct new basic watch movements in the public domain based on open source principles.

What are the main goals?

  • Watchmaking 2.0 – Collaboration rather than isolated cottage industry
  • Self help / Support for small watch manufacturers
  • Advancement of training (Practice parts, schoolwork)
  • Providing unworked watch movement kits
  • Transparency and future security based on the availability of plans and construction details
  • Creation of a platform of competence and a think tank
  • Freeing up of unused capacities in construction and production

What does open source stand for?

  • Construction plans are by principle available to all registered members of (Join and support)
  • Improvements and further developments to the basic watch movement have to be made accessible and shared with the community
  • Active collaboration, research and development
  • All constructions of openmovement are under the licence of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unportet (CC BY-SA 3.0)

For whom might OM be of interest?

For whom has OM been launched?

  • Watchmakers and constructing engineers
  • Small and large watch manufacturers
  • Suppliers and watch part manufacturers
  • Watchmaker schools, students and apprentices
  • People with an interest in watches

What are the advantages of getting involved?

  • Be part of a groundbreaking and significant project
  • Building and extending your professional network
  • Sharing of know-how
  • Cost saving
  • Development of new customer relations (for example between the construction engineer and the watch manufacturer)

What does OM offer its partners?

  • A mention on the website, as well as in documentations and any appropriated way
  • Sharing of know-how
  • Exciting network

Who is behind OM?

The committee of openmovement was elected at the general meeting of 11.1.2018 and is now composed of:

Roman Winiger, Winiger Horloger, La Chaux-de-Fonds (President)

“I am fascinated by the thought that, thanks to openmovement, in 100 years a watch restorer can get plans from the library or download them from the web, and be able to reconstruct an original replacement for a worn part. This also enables the restorer to become the guardian of immortal knowledge.”

Christoph Schnee, Belchengruppe GmbH, Basel (Vice-President, new)

«For me, openmovement is the watch industry’s consequential advancement into the 21st century and points the way to a new economic cooperation. We share our knowledge, we know the ecological importance of high-quality products and we give interested people the opportunity to realize their own dreams. I’m not a watchmaker, but with my skills as a product designer and communications specialist, I’ll do my part to realize the project.»

David Olafsson, prototyper, La Chaux-de-Fonds (Assessor)

“This project represents so many different things, advantages for teaching, using open source as a method of finding the best solutions and using open source as a license to help watchmaking as a trade and craft to continue to grow. This project also works to lower the barriers of entry for small independent watchmakers which is the most important goal for me personally.”

Marion Müller, Uhrenatelier Marion Müller, Kappel am Albis (Assessor)

“The idea OM fascinates me and I totally stay behind the main purposes of OM, that is why I gladly provide this project with a part of my time, energy and knowhow.”

Cédric Auberson, teacher at CIFOM – Ecole Technique Le Locle (Treasurer)

“Not only being innovative and audacious, the project openmovement offers a large scale synergy between SME, independents, education centers and all individuals involved in the project. The products that will be realized in this frame are for me, thanks to the motivation and the involvement of a community of enthusiasts, the promise of an open, accessible and progressive spirit for the future of watchmaking.”